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Huanglong Extreme loud wailing erupted vast spiritual power out from the body, a variety of powerful offensive, continuously blasted? Various spiritual life is also not to throw out, but facing him this crazy counterattack, a huge dragon, but it is the slightest regard, the golden flame rising body, those terrible roaring torrent of spiritual power, when they come into contact in one's body is to be leapt golden flame exhaustively melting away. Zi Yan light rainbow step by step approach, but the same, it is also in an extremely fast being consumed. And among black God of Thunder, also contains a powerful force, as long as you can bear down, but also great for practice benefit, and no more than practicing in the North Cang weak door no. Dust, animal husbandry, and the common people sink gently waving shadows behind them converge from the front, behind in the dust, animal husbandry, natural glass is Luo Xu shortage, Pathetic and Mufeng Yang Zhao, Shen behind the common people, it is Li Xuan Tong Su Xuan, crane demon, Yang Lin. Dust, animal husbandry, looked restless two teams, grinned, Mori white teeth exposed, it is with cold feelings, he immediately taken the step, as if with thunder resounded, Shua is heard, his shadow, has It is strangely like disappeared in the place.

That suction outbreak was around and saw blood-red flame suddenly roaring, and finally turned into a pillar of fire road, heading for the animal husbandry dust palm, where gently ran purple flames, those flames once exposed to it, they It is directly absorbed clean. Many teams looked at each other, they also come to see to understand, Don Meier and weeks apes, seems to be a warning of the Holy Spirit hospital, do not try to want to monopolize sites. nfl jerseys china Road. North sea dragon Kun smiled and nodded, Xiupao wave, space is twisted up, soon to be torn open a gateway to the North Cang Ling hospital channel.

Su Linger This ease down, and then looked at the light curtain is secretly boy, then I do not know what to think, rosy mouth light stick a stick, and some depressed down, this guy beside him so good Luo glass in, how she had no chance Well. Hum resounded, gold fade. nfl nike jerseys china These spiritual forces entered the body dust, animal husbandry, is running along the meridians, soon to be refining has become a channel of white spiritual power, that was suspended last infusion into the soul before God fine white female species within, continue to growing, animal husbandry and dust wanted so that was his body together two strands of spiritual power, so too must both be in equal proportions, otherwise, these white spiritual power will all become black spiritual power feed. nfl jerseys from china A defense that has a strong spiritual force, a Jianying under that, but it is fragile like tofu general, Jianying passing, actually directly is life and life ripped, that length tip, stopped at the hospital that a large tripod Spirit Captain front Cunxu brain, the sense of Jian Qi, has made it his eyebrows, a ray of blood penetrate out.

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